Professional Training & Educational Shortcourses...

GEOKEM is able to provide professional training in many aspects of geothermal development; including scaling processes,  environmental impact assessment, thermodynamic modelling of geothermal systems and power station chemistry.  Shortcourses can be designed to suit the purpose and the time available, and can be conducted on site, or at another venue. 

Examples of previous courses;

GEOKEM conducted shortcourses in the potential environmental impacts of geothermal  development at the World Geothermal Congress in 1995 in  Italy, and in 2000 in Japan. 

In conjunction with the University of Auckland in New Zealand, we have run 2 month shortcourses in Environmental Impact Assessment for geothermal development, comprehensively covering physical, chemical, biological and  social impacts and occupational/public health and safety issues. 

Specifically designed shortcourses on scaling have been run in the Philippines and in South America, and courses on environmental impacts have been run on behalf of the NZ Geothermal Association in New Zealand. 

The notes from some shortcourses have been published and are publicly available:

Brown K.L. (convenor) Environmental Aspects of Geothermal Development. Published by International Geothermal Assoc. , in conjunction with WGC 1995 (Italy).  

Brown K.L. (convenor) Environmental Safety and Heath Issues in Geothermal Development  Published by International Geothermal Assoc. , in conjunction with WGC 2000 (Japan).  

A summary document has also been published in the UNESCO volume on Geothermal Energy:

Brown K.L. and Webster-Brown J. (2003) Environmental Impacts and Mitigation. Chapter in Geothermal Energy; Utilisation and Technology, UNESCO Publishing Renewable Energy Series, 156-170.